With its Story, Founder and Philosophy... Mehry Mu

Founded by Güneş Mutlu in 2010 with dreamy ideals, Mehry Mu is a brand of locally produced bags with 'soul', as the designer puts it. Elegant collections, hand-created in collaboration with craftsmen from different disciplines, carry colorful stories about love and adventure with nostalgic and romantic elements in balance.

Mehry Mu's story began when Güneş Mutlu paid attention to what she learned during her master's degree in Psychology and surrendered to her irresistible attraction to fashion. The first career step she took with the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from her family was an online shopping website focused on fashion and decoration, and this process helped her realize the lack of bags that appealed to her taste. He kneaded his happy, poetic and stylish aesthetic with inspiration from various interests ranging from anthropology to literature, from style legends to travel culture, and the recipe worked; These days, Mehry Mu designs are the center of attention of international trendsetters such as Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Palermo, and cult fashion addresses such as Net-à-Porter.com and Le Bon Marché Paris.

Güneş Mutlu, a mother of two children, founded her brand on human and artistic values, along with all fairytale and luxury notions. In order to embody this idealism, Mehry Mu donates a portion of the proceeds from sales to the Red Children Association, which protects children and young adults under protection. Also, every new Mehry Mu season means collecting postcards and bag covers. Among the artists who produce special works within the framework of this concept; illustration artist Paige Gemmel, visual art duo Pınar & Viola, artist and cartoonist Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu and contemporary weaving artist Fırat Neziroğlu.

Why bags with soul? Because Güneş Mutlu believes that everything is connected with a single collective consciousness and sees its designs as a part of this miracle. In the chaos the world is in, Mehry Mu moves forward with imagination and compassion.

Mehry Mu... is a love brand.